Schools - National Linemarking
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Play/Sport Areas

For both indoor and outdoor sports, NLMS are fully equipped for all school sports including but not limited to: basketball, football, soccer, handball, etc. NLMS only use industry approved, player safe paint to ensure that all levels of our work are compliant to Australian rules and regulations.


We are also able to provide custom play areas such as chessboards, ‘snakes’, hopscotch and anything a student’s imagination can think of!



School Safety Areas

With safety of the utmost importance when it comes to schools, NLMS are able to help keep your entire school clearly marked all year long including pedestrian walk ways, car parks, bus bays, safety zones etc.


Keeping up to date with all Australian and WorkSafe regulations, NLMS will ensure that your line marking is completely safety compliant and unmissable.




The new era of sports flooring, DreamCourts are revolutionising the way schools play. Developed by sports lovers, this anti-bacterial, shock absorbent surface is flooding the industry and reducing the health and safety risks of students and teachers.


Completely customisable with size, design, colours and even your school logo if desired, these courts are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


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